How Photo Camp Workshops are conducted:

This series of workshops offers students a chance to develop their photography skills in an experiential setting as well as a informal classroom setting. These workshops consist of four different parts:

  • Environmental Photography Workshop

  • Two Hour Group Discussion

  • Individual Photography Assignment

  • Wrap Up Discussion

Environmental Photography Workshop:

For the first part of each workshop, we will meet at an outdoor or studio location where we will learn how to master the manual settings of a DLSR camera. The workshop is meant for each student to gain real world experience in capturing the environment around them in a creative and impactful way. As each student learns to use their camera in new ways they will be able to exhibit their own photographic and artistic voice through their work. Students will practice using aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and rules of composition to further their mastery of photography. This experience will also help students fine tune their technical skills with the camera. Students will walk away from each of the workshops with a set of photographs to bring to the first discussion for review!

Two Hour Group (Discussion I):

During the second part of the workshop we will meet to discuss the photographs taken during the environmental workshop. There will be time for presenting student work, feedback, instruction and discussion of technical camera skills to help improve moving forward. This discussion will be an open forum for students to help each other improve their work as well as positively reinforce their hard work already. At the end of the two hour discussion, we will go over the Individual Assignment to be completed before the Wrap Up Discussion the following week.

Individual Photography Assignment:

This section of the workshop will be a self guided assignment for the student to complete on their own. The assignment is meant to challenge each student to photograph in their own way, using the skills that they have learned so far. This assignment should only take about 1 - 2 hours of their time during the week before the next discussion. Each assignment will relate to the topics discussed so far as well as challenge the student to think outside of the box while photographing on their own.

Wrap Up (Discussion II):

In the final discussion, students will have the opportunity to show their individual assignment to receive feedback from the class. We will discuss camera techniques, lighting, composition, subject matter and other elements of photography to help each student think about how to improve their work moving forward. At the end of the workshop we will review the tremendous growth in their work as well as key points to take away and build off of moving forward with their photography. The students will walk away at the end of the workshop with a new set of photography skills, fresh perspectives with inspiration and new friends to continue photographing with in the future!

Course Fees & Discounts

Individual Workshop - $150 (includes all parts listed above)

Workshop Series (Five or more) - $725 (sign up for this series and attend all six workshops)

Additional discounts apply when referring a friend!