I love Photo Camp!

What is better than warm weather, California sun, being outside and long days? Capturing those moments in a photograph!  I still get those butterflies in my stomach thinking about the summer.  I still think I am a teen sitting in a high school classroom looking out the window waiting for the school year to end and my freedom to begin.  

Well summer is almost here, I recently decided that I want to enjoy it in a way to maximize my time spent doing the things that I love during those longer hours of light.  

So I am holding summer Photography Courses!  I love sharing my love for photography and having any excuse to get outside and do that is more than fine by me.  

These courses will be five days long with full days of photographing anything and everything we see. We will get outside and learn about how to use our cameras to their fullest potential while going to places like Tilden Park in Berkeley, Ocean Beach in San Francisco and even conduct a styled photo shoot in a professional studio!  Cameras will be provided to shoot with and lunch is included too! 

The teens will take away a new love for photography, a digital portfolio and memories of exploring to find the perfect shot.  I CANNOT WAIT! 

Spots are limited and time to register is now! Email tara@taralayman.com or use the contact form to register!